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Operations Systems

  • Operations Manager for the development & implementation of management and operations systems in compliance with ISO & CHS standards.
  • Operations Manager for reviewing and coordination with Locations manager/ focal OD team member of all locations and ensuring that systems and procedures are being implemented and followed.
  • Supervise the Office Inventory system and Fix Assets 
  • Ensure that the use of statistical data gathered by Operations is maximized.
  • Review Fixed Assets Records and Statements
  • Mainstream operations in other organization office locations (wherever applicable).
  • Visit and strengthen operation systems and procedures at central and project offices. When required
  • Assist Head of Support Functions in preparing yearly action plan, for 2020 and develop indicators and its implementation.
  • Travel to other locations/field whenever required for support, Exposure & M & E of operational system.
  • Responsible to make sure that the office equipment are used efficiently, and only for official purposes.
  • Ensure cost cutting measures and utilization of overall resources in the most effective and economic manner.

Setup Field Offices

  • Conducting site surveys
  • Negotiating with landlord
  • Finalizing contracts and agreements
  • Recruitments of Operations staff
  • Setup of Operations systems


Staff Development

  • Staff recruitment, management and development of operations staff such as:-
    • Hiring
    • Staff Retrenching
    • Developing Job Description
    • Staff Developments Plans
    • Prepare Staff work plans
    • Staff recruitment, management and development of operations
    • Conducting staff appraisal and evaluations
  • Ensure operations team remains motivated & challenged.
  • Team building of operations team.
  • Coach Operations team and devise systems for speedy decision making, being solution oriented and information sharing with Program teams.
  • Develop second line leadership in Operations.
  • Conduct Orientation for new staff, donors etc.



  • Management and Coordinate with IT Officer to ensure that IT support & other administrative tasks (Fixed Assets, Security equipment etc.) are being done as per organization’s policies & procedures.


Coordination And Communication

  • Facilitate healthy interaction between Operations team and all support departments and programs.
  • Being solution oriented and information sharing with all support departments and programs.
  • Conduct staff meetings at office.


Operations Budgets

  • Overall Management and effective of utilization of OD budget lines for all Pakistan Office.
  • Allocation of budget and ensure budgets are timely consumed ensuring under and over spending is minimised to all locations of Pakistan.
  • Make sure the sufficient funds are available all the times for smoothing running of operations running/routine expenses
  • Prepare annual budget forecast of operations department.
  • Coordinate with Programme and updating them on office running cost
  • Ensure cost cutting measures are implemented by location managers at all offices and targets are achieved for the year.


Petty Cash Management

  • Analyse receipt for money spent
  • Balancing the cash
  • Posting the journal entries/ Expense sheet
  • Replenishing the money


Monitoring And Supervision Of Staff

  • Operations staff (Admin)
    • Ensure smooth running of office admin functions.
    • Ensure attendance record are updated and circulated on monthly basis.
    • Ensure outgoing and incoming mails are proper recorded and distributed.
    • Ensure front desk area and lobby are maintained.


  • Operations Staff (Logistics)
  • Ensure that duties are properly assigned to drivers.
  • Ensure Vehicles are in good condition.
  • Ensure repair and maintenance of vehicle.
  • Ensure that files are up to date.
  • Ensure adequate supply of stationery and equipment.



  • Co-ordination with Safety and External Affairs Manager.
  • Coordinate with security department on Security drill for Office and Support staff (Quarterly).
  • Check Security measures and their implementation according to ORGANIZATION Policy & procedures.
  • Supervise staff for Security and updates.
  • Ensure that security protocols are being followed by Staff and Support staff.
  • Sending Security Alerts and updates to staff (whatsapp, emails and briefing staff)
    Requirements and Skills

    Qualifications and Experience:

    • For the post of Operations Manager, a degree from university and 5 years experience is considered necessary.