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Summary of Role:

Senior Graphic Designer- DAFPAK will be required to create and manage digital and print designs for our marketing needs. The Senior Graphic Designer's responsibilities include managing all graphic design tasks and generating creative ideas. The selected candidate will be required to have extensive knowledge of graphic design, styles, and techniques as well as experience in implementing marketing campaigns. Ultimately, an excellent Senior Graphic Designer will ensure that the design team promotes the vision of the company through high-quality graphic content.


Undergraduate Degree. Preference will be awarded to candidates with an education background in communication and/or design.

Experience/Skills Required:

• 3+ years of related experience
• An inspiring, motivating and dedicated team player
• Able to multitask and manage multiple projects
• Able to generate world class ideas and bring them to life
• Brings passion, curiosity and fresh thinking to our work and “our space”
• A bridge-builder who creates and nurtures relationships with account directors and others who can affect the quality of the work
• A student of advertising who furthers her/his knowledge and shares that
• knowledge with the team, department and/or agency
• Possessing a positive attitude

Lead Responsibilities

Supporting Roles

Reporting / Escalation

Quality Assurance Responsibilities

Lead Responsibilities:


Leading the Graphic Designing Function for DAFPAK. Responsibilities include:


  • Designing graphic content, illustrations, and infographics.
  • Managing graphic designs from conception to delivery.
  • Generating fresh concepts.
  • Ensuring brand consistency throughout various marketing projects.
  • Liaising between the marketing and design teams to ensure deadlines are met.
  • Keeping up to date with industry developments.
  • Leads the creation and implementation of art related requirements, in collaboration with the Creative Lead, under the supervision of the Art Director.
  • Takes the lead and assist on design strategy.
  • Responsible for high quality visualization and technical finalization of the work.
  • Responsible for highly creative and high-quality creative output related to art and art direction.
  • Trusted with the quality of a product.
  • Compelling presenter and accomplished relationship builder.


   The role is advertising with criteria including specifications of the documents that are required (candidates need to provide basic eligibility to work and other documents for verification; they are made aware of data protection and the complaints procedure to avoid any perception of unfair treatment).

Supports on:

  • Strategic development.
  • Creative / designing inputs
  • Choice of creative partners such photographers
  • Creative ideation
  • Visual ideation




Reports to:

  • Art Director
  • Team Leader- who can directly provide creative briefs and inputs


Escalation points:

  1. Art Director (first escalation point)
  2. Creative Director (second escalation point
  3. Team Leader (third escalation point for Pakistan related affairs)
  4. Imran Irshad (final escalation point for Pakistan related affairs)


Ensures highest quality on:

  • All elements of the DAFPAK program from an Art perspective.
  • Ensures all creatives being presented to the client are of the highest quality, from an Art perspective.
  • Quality assurance on all creative executions related to art including artworks and photography.